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Table 1 The abbreviations for the genotypes in families F3:4 Chris Mutant/Novosibirskaya 67

From: Effects of Rht17 in combination with Vrn-B1 and Ppd-D1 alleles on agronomic traits in wheat in black earth and non-black earth regions

Genotype Abbreviations
Rht-B1a Rht-B1a Vrn-A1a Vrn-A1a Vrn-B1а Vrn-B1а RRVV
Rht-B1a Rht-B1a Vrn-A1a Vrn-A1a vrn-B1 vrn-B1 RRvv
Rht-B1p Rht-B1p Vrn-A1a Vrn-A1a Vrn-B1а Vrn-B1а rrVV
Rht-B1p Rht-B1p Vrn-A1a Vrn-A1a vrn-B1 vrn-B1 rrvv
Rht-B1a Rht-B1a Ppd-D1a Ppd-D1a RRPP
Rht-B1a Rht-B1a Ppd-D1b Ppd-D1b RRpp
Rht-B1p Rht-B1p Ppd-D1a Ppd-D1a rrPP
Rht-B1p Rht-B1p Ppd-D1b Ppd-D1b rrpp