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Table 4 Segregation of T-DNA and RYMV resistance in progenies

From: Allele mining unlocks the identification of RYMV resistance genes and alleles in African cultivated rice

Mutant WT Htz Mut
3D-01842 12 S 34 S 15 R
3A-06612 14 S 23 S 18 R, 1S
  1. A pseudo-T3 progeny derived from the 3D-01842 mutant, and F3 progenies derived from the 3A-06612 mutant were analyzed. The phenotype is indicated with “R” for resistance and “S” for susceptibility. The genotype is indicated with “WT” for plants without the T-DNA insertion, “Mut” for plants homozygous for the T-DNA insertion and “Htz” for plants heterozygous at the T-DNA insertion site