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Table 2 List of the resistant accessions and their alleles on the resistance genes or candidates

From: Allele mining unlocks the identification of RYMV resistance genes and alleles in African cultivated rice

ID in [20] Alternate ID Allele onRYMV1 Allele on RYMV2candidate Allele on RYMV3candidate
Og8 Tog5321 rymv1-3   
Og13 Tog5418 rymv1-3   
Og20 Tog5438 rymv1-4   NLRRYMV3-x
Og24 Tog5463 rymv1-4   
Og26 Tog5474    NlrRYMV3-R1
Og28 Tog5486 rymv1-3   
Og36 Tog5556 rymv1-3   NLRRYMV3-x
Og44 Tog5672 rymv1-4   NlrRYMV3-R1
Og46 Tog5674 rymv1-5   
Og49 Tog5681 rymv1-3   
Og87 Tog6220, IRGC112577   rymv2-R1 NLRRYMV3-y
Og103 Tog6698   rymv2-R1 NLRRYMV3-y
Og111 Tog5286    NlrRYMV3-R1
Og126 Tog5747    NlrRYMV3-R1
Og133 RAM 131   rymv2-R2  
Og150 Tog7206, IG38   rymv2-R1  
Og151 Tog14367   rymv2-R4  
Og152 Tog13943   rymv2-R4  
Og153 Tog13709   rymv2-R4  
Og160 Tog7235, IRGC103549   rymv2-R1  
Og161 Tog10434   rymv2-R1  
Og163 Tog12086    NlrRYMV3-R1
Og164 Tog12160    NlrRYMV3-R1
Og165 Tog12188 rymv1-4   
Og166 Tog12249 rymv1-3   
Og172 Tog7291   rymv2-R1  
Og183 Tog7456   rymv2-R3  
Og186 Tog8049 rymv1-3   
Og207 Tog12386 rymv1-3   
Og208 Tog12387 rymv1-3   
Og213 Tog12401   rymv2-R4  
Og256 Tog14361   rymv2-R6  
Og406 Tog7197   rymv2-R4  
Og411 Tog7202, IG35   rymv2-R1  
Og423 IRGC104018 rymv1-4   
Og447 1LG104   rymv2-R2  
Og452 3LG117B   rymv2-R2  
Og491 OG1   rymv2-R5  
Og498 SG329   rymv2-R4  
Og6_2 Tog5307    NlrRYMV3-R1
  1. Only alleles associated with resistance are indicated