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Table 2 Genes in the Physalis chloroplast genomes

From: Complete chloroplast genomes of four Physalis species (Solanaceae): lights into genome structure, comparative analysis, and phylogenetic relationships

Category for genes Group of genes Name of genes
Self-replication Large subunit of ribosome *rpl2(×2), rpl14, *rpl16, rpl20, rpl22, rpl23(× 2), rpl32, rpl33, rpl36
DNA dependent RNA polymerase rpoA, rpoB, *rpoC1, rpoC2
Small subunit of ribosome rps2, rps3, rps4, rps7(×2), rps8, rps11, *rps12(× 2), rps14, rps15, *rps16, rps18, rps19
rRNA Genes rrn4.5S(×2), rrn5S(× 2), rrn16S(× 2), rrn23S(× 2)
tRNA Genes *trnA-UGC(×2), trnC-GCA, trnD-GUC, trnE-UUC, trnF-GAA, trnfM-CAU, *trnG-GCC, trnG-UCC, trnH-GUG, *trnI-GAU(× 2), trnI-CAU(× 2), *trnK-UUU, trnL-CAA(× 2), *trnL-UAA, trnL-UAG, trnM-CAU, trnN-GUU(× 2), trnP-UGG, trnQ-UUG, trnR-ACG(× 2), trnR-UCU, trnS-GCU, trnS-GGA, trnS-UGA, trnT-GGU, trnT-UGU, trnV-GAC(× 2), *trnV-UAC, trnW-CCA, trnY-GUA
Photosynthesis Subunits of ATP synthase atpA, atpB, atpE, *atpF, atpH, atpI
Subunits of NADH-dehydrogenase *ndhA, *ndhB(×2), ndhC, ndhD, ndhE, ndhF, ndhG, ndhH, ndhI, ndhJ, ndhK
Subunits of cytochrome b/f complex petA, *petB, petD, petG, petL, petN
Subunits of photosystem I psaA, psaB, psaC, psaI, psaJ, ycf4
Subunits of photosystem II psbA, psbB, psbC, psbD, psbE, psbF, psbH, psbI, psbJ, psbK, psbL, psbM, psbN, psbT, psbZ
Subunit of rubisco rbcL
Other genes LhbA lhbA
Subunit of Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase accD
c-type cytochrom synthesis gene ccsA
Envelop membrane protein cemA
Protease **clpP
Translational initiation factor infA
Maturase matK
Unknown function Conserved open reading frames ycf1, ycf2(×2), **ycf3, ycf15(×2)
  1. Note: (×2): Two gene copies in IRs; *: gene containing a single intron; **: gene containing two introns; :One copy of rpl2 gene is missing in the chloroplast genome of P. peruviana; :psbB gene is missing in the chloroplast genome of P. peruviana; :psbZ gene exists only in chloroplast of P. minima; : lhbA gene is missing in the chloroplast genome of P. minima