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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of 25 important traits (22 root traits, and four shoot traits) in 184 wheat genotypes grown in a semi-hydroponic phenotyping platform

From: Phenotypic variability in bread wheat root systems at the early vegetative stage

TraitAbbreviationMinimumMaximumMeanMedianStd. deviationCVSignificance
Seminal root length zone1SRLZ127.712085.386.314.40.170.000
Seminal root length zone2SRLZ26.837.724.124.65.660.230.000
Maximal root depthMRD44.315810911118.80.170.000
Seminal and primary root numberSRN5.6748.311.
Total root lengthRL6703538190219375520.290.000
Root diameterRD0.260.480.310.300.020.070.052
Specific root lengthSRL60.5172.7122.3121.417.80.150.000
Root length IntensityRLI8.1231.117.817.64.550.260.000
Root tissue densityRTD75.417511711817.50.150.334
Root length s1RL_s126012456876942130.310.000
Root diameter s1RD_s10.260.400.300.
Root length s2RL_s293.913136526532160.330.000
Root diameter s2RD_s20.230.430.
Root length s3RL_s359.312665635622270.400.000
Root diameter s3RD_s30.290.690.350.350.040.120.000
Root length in sub-root layerRL_sub1532455121512204090.340.000
Root diameter in sub-root layerRD_sub0.270.560.310.310.030.100.000
Root length ratioRLR_s1/sub0.303.810.650.630.320.490.000
Root massRM50.730515915553.10.330.000
Shoot massSM47.545023022181.90.360.000
Total dry massTDM98.29753903791660.430.000
Root mass ratioRMR0.451.120.740.730.150.200.000
Shoot heightSH8.8742.721.922.05.850.270.000
Leaf numberLN3.6735.08.508.153.110.370.000
Tiller numberTN1.005.332.402.370.840.350.000
  1. Fourteen of 25 Traits with CVs (coefficients of variation) ≥0.25 appear in red and bold type. Probability (P) values were based on a GLM multivariate analysis of 184 genotypes (see Table 3 for units of each trait, and Table S1 for the data of additional 16 root traits)