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Table 1 Polycomb group core components

From: Identification of polycomb repressive complex 1 and 2 core components in hexaploid bread wheat

Drosophila Arabidopsis Wheat
  E(z) SWN TaE(z)-4A1 (TraesCS4A02G121300.1) TaE(z)-4B1 (TraesCS4B02G181400.3) TaE(z)-4D1 (TraesCS4D02G184600.3)
  CLF TaE(z)-7A1.1 (TraesCS7A02G128300.1) TaE(z)-7B1.1 (TraesCS7B02G028200.2) TaE(z)-7D1.1 (TraesCS7D02G127100.2)
   TaE(z)-7A1.2 (TraesCS7A02G128600.1) TaE(z)-7B1.2 (TraesCS7B02G028500.2) TaE(z)-7D1.2 (TraesCS7D02G127400.1)
  MEA n/a
  Su(z) EMF2 TaSu(z)-2A1 (TraesCS2A02G000100.1) TaSu(z)-2B1 (TraesCS2B02G023900.1) TaSu(z)-2D1 (TraesCS2D02G000600.1)
   TaSu(z)-2A2 (TraesCS2A02G002500.1) TaSu(z)-2B2 (TraesCS2B02G020400.3)
   TaSu(z)-5A1 (TraesCS5A02G179600.1) TaSu(z)-5B1 (TraesCS5B02G177400.3) TaSu(z)-5D1 (TraesCS5D02G184200.2)
  VRN2 n/a
  FIS2 n/a
  ESC FIE TaFIE-7A1 (TraesCS7A02G308300.1) TaFIE-7B1 (TraesCS7B02G377900LC.1) TaFIE-7D1 (TraesCS7D02G084500.1)
   TaFIE-7A2.1 (TraesCS7A02G089100.1) TaFIE-7D2 (TraesCS7D02G305100.1)
   TaFIE-7A2.2 (TraesCS7A02G089200.1)
   TaFIE-4A1 (TraesCS4A02G388400.1)
  p55 MSI1 TaMSI1-A1* (TraesCSU02G072700.1) TaMSI1-B1 (TraesCS5B02G378700.1) TaMSI1-D1 (TraesCS5D02G385600.1)
   TaMSI1-A2 (TraesCS5A02G331900.1) TaMSI1-B2 (TraesCS5B02G332200.1) TaMSI1-D2 (TraesCS5D02G337800.1)
  Pc LHP1 TaLHP1-A1 (TraesCS7A02G337900) TaLHP1-B1 (TraesCS7B02G249200) TaLHP1-D1 (TraesCS7D02G345200)
  Psc BMI1A, BMI1B, BMI1C TaBMI1-A1 (TraesCS5A02G378600.1) TaBMI1-B1 (TraesCS5B02G382100.1) TaBMI1-D1 (TraesCS5D02G388500.1)
   TaBMI1-A2 (TraesCS5A02G058000) TaBMI1-B2 (TraesCS5B02G065600) TaBMI1-D2 (TraesCS5D02G069800)
  Sce RING1A TaRING1-A1 (TraesCS3A02G327900.2) TaRING1-B1 (TraesCS3B02G357400.3) TaRING1-D1 (TraesCS3D02G321400.2)
  RING1B TaRING2-A1 (TraesCS1A02G315400.1) TaRING2-B1 (TraesCS1B02G327300.1) TaRING2-D1 (TraesCS1D02G315600.1)
  n/a EMF1 TaEMF1-A1 (TraesCS3A02G154500.1) TaEMF1-B1 (TraesCS3B02G180800.1) TaEMF1-D1 (TraesCS3D02G161800.1)
  1. The table shows genes of PRC2 and PRC1 previously reported in Drosophila and Arabidopsis and those identified in bread wheat. Each column in wheat contains A, B, and D subgenome homoeologs. EMF1 is a plant-specific PRC1-related component that is not present (n/a) in Drosophila. The accession numbers of the respective wheat PcG components are listed in Additional file 1: Table S1. An asterisk (*) indicates that the gene was not assigned to any chromosome based on a BLAST search - the chromosome location was determined by a colinearity with T. urartu and T. turgidum; a dash (−) indicates that no homolog was identified. The gene ID in brackets corresponds to the IWGSC RefSeq v1.1 gene annotation.