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Table 2 Analysis of variance for different traits of early growth stages, physio-chemical characteristics and grain yield at different locations Where, RLSI: root length stress tolerance index, SLSI: shoot length stress tolerance index, FWSI: fresh weight stress tolerance index, DWSI: dry weight stress tolerance index, CMS: Cell membrane stability, ELWL: excised leaf water loss, NRA: Nitrite reductase activity, RWC: relative water contents, NIAB: Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology, AARI: Ayub Agricultural Research Institute, K.Kot: Kalur kot farms

From: Selection and screening of drought tolerant high yielding chickpea genotypes based on physio-biochemical indices and multi-environmental yield trials

Traits of Early Growth Stages
 CV 2.093.441.033.502.24  
Physiological and Biochemical Traits
 SOVdfCMSELWLElectrolyte leakageGlycinebetaine
NRAProline contentsRWC
 CV 1.295.794.732.036.942.525.64
Seed Yield under different environments
 SOVdfAARIAZRINIAB-LysimeterNIAB-IrrigatedNIAB-RainfedK. Kot 
 Mutants582192.6**535474**55.657 ns7055.14836.7*433.841** 
 CV 32.529.69101.9230.3024.6621.78