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Table 1 Mean concentration of the ions extracted from control samples of soil I and II, in deionized water (μg per g of the soil) obtained in triplicated experiments (Soil I, Soil II); and the mean concentration of ions released into the aqueous environment from the granulate free of the protein (μg per g of granulate)

From: Mechanism of nutrition activity of a microgranule fertilizer fortified with proteins

 Na+K+Mg2+Ca2+\( \mathrm{N}{\mathrm{H}}_4^{+} \)Cl\( \mathrm{N}{\mathrm{O}}_3^{-} \)\( \mathrm{P}{\mathrm{O}}_4^{3-} \)\( \mathrm{S}{\mathrm{O}}_4^{2-} \)
soil I3.52.92.316.
soil II7.714.23.175.412.63.215.9149.1
microgranule free of the protein3.