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Table 1 List of spring wheat varieties, their origin, leaf rust severity and postulated Lr resistance genes

From: Genome-wide association study of leaf rust resistance in Russian spring wheat varieties

Variety Region/Originator Clustera Infection type/severityb Postulated Lr genes
Field-1-2016 Field-1-2017 Field-1-2018 Field-2-2016 Field-2-2017
Kuibyshevskaya-2 Samarskaya Oblast / Samarskii NIISKH V 4/90S 4/90S 4/70S 4/60S 4/80S Lr34
Lutescens-840 I 4/70S 4/40S 4/70S 4/60S 4/60S Lr10
Samsar IV 0/R 0/R 0/R 0/R 0/R Lr3a, Lr17a, Lr20, Lr6Ai = 2
Tulaikovskaya-belozernaya I 4/70S 4/90S 3/40MS 4/30S 4/30S Lr3a
Tulaikovskaya-stepnaya I 4/50S 4/50S 3/20MS 4/30S 4/30S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a
Tulaikovskaya-zolotistaya IV 0/R 0/R 0/R 0/R 0/R Lr3a, Lr6Ai = 2
Tulaikovskaya-1 IV 2/15MR 0/R 2/30MR 0/R 0/R Lr3a, Lr17a
Tulaikovskaya-10 IV 0/R 0R 0/R 0/R 0/R Lr3a, Lr20, Lr6Ai = 2
Kinelskaya-40 IV 4/80S 4/80S 3/40MS 4/40S 4/60S Lr10
Kinelskaya-60 I 2/20MR 3/20MS 2/15MR 3/10MS 3/20MS Lr17a, Lr26
Volgouralskaya IV 0/R 1/5MR 1/5MR 0/R 1/5MR Lr19
Saratovskaya-29 Saratovskaya Oblast / NIISKH Yugo-Vostoka IV 4/90S 4/90S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S Lr3a, Lr10
Saratovskaya-42 IV 4/80S 4/80S 4/80S 4/70S Lr3a
Lutescens-62 IV 4/70S 4/80S 4/80S 4/70S Lr3a
Lutescens-80 Altaiskii Krai / Altaiskii NIIZIS III 4/60S 4/80S 4/80S 4/60S 4/60S Lr3a, Lr10
Lutescens-85 IV 3/60MS 3/50MS 3/30MS 3/20MS 3/40MS Lr1, Lr3a, Lr17a
Lutescens-148 III 4/80S 4/60S 4/60S 4/70S 4/90S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr20
Altaiskii-prostor III 4/60S 4/70S 4/70S 4/20S 4/50S Lr9, Lr10, Lr17a, Lr20
Altaiskaya-92 V 4/70S 4/80S 4/80S 4/10S 4/40S Lr3a, Lr17a, Lr34
Altaiskaya-99 V 3/10MS 3/30MS 3/15MS 3/20MS 3/20MS Lr3a, Lr9
Altaiskaya-100 IV 3/40MS 3/60MS 3/40MS 3/10MS 3/10MS Lr1, Lr3a
Altaiskaya-325 V 4/80S 4/90S 4/60S 4/70S 4/90S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a, Lr20
Altaiskaya-530 V 4/60S 4/70S 4/70S 4/40S 4/50S Lr1, Lr3a
Erythrospermum-72 II 4/60S 4/80S 3/50MS 4/70S 4/90S Lr1
Sibirskaya-12 Novosibirskaya Oblast / SibNIIRS I 4/80S 4/80S 4/50S 4/50S 4/60S Lr3a, Lr10
Novosibirskaya-15 III 4/80S 4/90S 4/80S 4/60S 4/70S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10
Novosibirskaya-20 III 4/70S 4/90S 4/80S 3/30MS 3/40MS Lr3a, Lr10
Novosibirskaya-22 III 4/80S 4/70S 4/60S 4/60S 4/70S Lr3a, Lr10
Novosibirskaya-29 V 4/90S 4/90S 4/80S 4/70S 4/70S Lr3a, Lr10
Novosibirskaya-67 V 4/90S 4/90S 4/80S 4/80S 4/90S Lr17a
Novosibirskaya-81 I 4/70S 4/90S 4/70S 4/60S 4/60S Lr1, Lr17a, Lr20
Novosibirskaya-89 V 4/70S 4/90S 4/60S 4/90S 4/90S Lr10, Lr20
Novosibirskaya-91 IV 4/60S 4/70S 4/70S 4/60S 4/60S Lr1
Lutescens-25 III 4/70S 4/90S 4/70S 4/50S 4/70S Lr3a, Lr10
Obskaya-14 V 2/40MR 2/20MR 1/5MR 0/R 0/R Lr3a, Lr9, Lr10
Kantegirskaya-89 V 4/60S 4/80S 4/80S 4/15S 4/15S Lr3a, Lr10
Aleksandrina V 3/25MS 3/30MS 4/50S 4/50S 4/40S Lr3a, Lr9
Udacha V 3/25MS 4/80S 3/40MS 4/10S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr9, Lr20
Polushko III 4/60S 4/80S 4/70S 4/70S 4/80S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10
Baganskaya-93 II 4/80S 4/90S 4/50S 4/10S 4/50S Lr17a, Lr20
Sirena Krasnoyarskii krai / Krasnoyarskii NIISKH V 2/15MR 2/10MR 3/40MS 2/5MR 2/15MR Lr3a
Krasa-2 III 4/60S 4/60S 4/80S 4/70S 4/80S Lr3a, Lr10
Krasnoyarskaya-90 I 4/80S 4/80S 4/70S 4/80S 4/90S Lr3a, Lr20
Vesnyanka-8 III 4/90S 4/90S 4/70S 4/70S 4/90S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr20
Albidum-73 V 4/60S 4/70S 4/70S 4/60S 4/80S Lr3a, Lr20
Rybinskaya-127 II 4/60S 4/90S 4/80S 4/70S 4/90S Lr1
Kazachka V 4/80S 4/90S 4/80S 4/60S 4/70S Lr3a
Angarida III 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/60S 4/60S Lr3a
Mana-2 I 4/60S 4/80S 4/70S 4/60S 4/70S Lr3a
Tuleevskaya Kemerovskaya Oblast / Kemerovskii NIISKH V 2/15MR 4/70S 4/80S 4/10S 4/10S Lr9
Izida V 4/80S 4/90S 4/90S 4/70S 4/90S Lr3a, Lr16
Mariya I 4/60S 4/80S 4/70S 4/15S 4/30S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a
AN-34 V 3/20MS 3/20MS 3/40MS 3/5MS 3/20MS Lr1, Lr9, Lr10, Lr17a, Lr20
Mariinka I 4/60S 4/50S 3/60S 4/15S 4/30S Lr10, Lr16, Lr20
Salimovka III 4/60S 4/80S 4/80S 4/60S 4/60S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr16
Kiiskaya V 2/25MR 3/30MS 3/40MS 3/30MS 3/30MS Lr1, Lr3a, Lr9
Nostalgiya V 4/60S 4/80S 4/80S 4/40S 4/60S Lr3a, Lr10
Aleshina II 4/60S 4/90S 4/70S 4/15S 4/40S Lr3a, Lr10
Darnitsa III 4/70S 4/90S 4/70S 4/30S 4/40S Lr3a, Lr10
Serebrina Tyumenskaya Oblast / NIISKH Severnogo Zauralya II 3/70MS 4/70S 4/50S 3/60MS 4/60S Lr3a, Lr20
Rechka I 4/60S 4/80S 4/70S 4/30S 4/50S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr17a
Latona IV 4/80S 4/80S 4/70S 4/20S 4/40S Lr3a, Lr17a
Provintsiya III 4/80S 4/90S 4/70S 4/30S 4/50S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10
Bel III 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S 4/40S 4/50S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10, Lr16
Ustya III 4/60S 4/70S 4/50S 4/15S 4/30S Lr3a, Lr10
Chernyava-13 V 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/60S 4/60S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10
Zlatozara IV 4/60S 4/80S 4/70S 4/20S 4/40S Lr1, Lr3a
Tyumenskaya-99 III 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/30S 4/50S Lr10, Lr16
Ikar II 2/10MR 4/80S 4/60S 4/10S 4/30S Lr3a, Lr17a
Skent-1 IV 4/70S 4/90S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S Lr3a, Lr20
Ilinskaya IV 4/80S 4/80S 4/50S 4/60S 4/60S Lr3a, Lr10
Turinskaya I 3/20MS 4/40S 3/50MS 3/10MS 3/20MS Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a
Surenta-1 II 4/90S 4/90S 4/60S 4/50S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr17a
Surenta-4 IV 4/60S 4/80S 4/50S 4/20S 4/40S Lr1, Lr20
Surenta-5 IV 4/80S 4/90S 4/70S 4/70S 4/80S Lr3a
Surenta-6 I 4/80S 4/90S 4/60S 4/30S 4/40S Lr3a
Surenta-7 I 4/60S 4/90S 4/70S 4/60S 4/80S Lr3a, Lr10
Dias-2 Omskaya Oblast / Sibirskii NIISKH III 4/70S 4/90S 4/70S 4/15S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr10
Irtyshanka-10 IV 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S Lr1
Katyusha IV 4/80S 4/90S 3/60MS 4/40S 3/40MS Lr3a, Lr34
Tarskaya-6 IV 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/70S 4/90S Lr3a, Lr10
Sonata V 2/30MR 4/20S 2/15MR 0/R 0/R Lr1, Lr3a
Strada-Sibiri I 4/80S 4/90S 4/90S 4/70S 4/80S Lr20, Lr34
Otrada-Sibiri I 2/10MR 0/R 2/10MR 0/R 0/R Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a, Lr34
Tertsiya I 2/10MR 2/10MR 1/5MR 0/R 0/R Lr10
Priirtyshskaya-86 III 4/10S 4/30S 3/40MS 4/10S 4/30S Lr3a, Lr10
Rosinka-2 I 4/80S 4/90S 4/70S 4/40S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a
Omskaya-20 III 3/15MS 2/20MR 2/30MR 3/30MS 3/30MS Lr1, Lr3a, Lr20, Lr26
Omskaya-23 I 2/10MR 3/50MS 2/40MR 2/10MR 2/20MR Lr3a, Lr10, Lr20
Omskaya-24 I 4/70S 4/80S 4/60S 4/30S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr10, Lr20
Omskaya-26 III 4/70S 4/80S 4/60S 4/30S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr10
Omskaya-28 IV 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/30S 4/50S Lr17a
Omskaya-29 I 3/20MS 3/30MS 3/50MS 3/10MS 3/30MS Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10, Lr26, Lr34
Omskaya-31 IV 4/70S 4/80S 4/70S 4/40S 4/50S Lr3a, Lr17a
Omskaya-32 I 4/60S 4/80S 3/60MS 4/10S 4/30S Lr1, Lr3a
Omskaya-33 IV 4/60S 4/80S 4/60S 4/60S 4/70S Lr1, Lr17a
Omskaya-34 IV 3/40MS 3/40MS 3/40MS 3/20MS 3/20MS Lr1, Lr3a, Lr10, Lr17a
Omskaya-36 IV 4/90S 4/90S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S Lr1, Lr3a, Lr16
Skala Irkutskaya oblast / Tulunskaya GSS III 4/90S 4/80S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S Lr10
Tulun-15 III 4/60S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S 4/70S Lr10
  1. a Genetic clustering is presented according to the results of the STRUCTURE program
  2. b Infection type was scored according to [27]. Severity ratings were scored as: R Resistant, MR Moderate resistant, MS Moderate susceptible, S susceptible; numeric character means % of leaf coverage by uredinia