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Table 5 Mean, median, mode, and range for the organs produced during organogenesis in experiment 3 for explants grown from cotyledon and hypocotyl incubated under 16 light / 8 h dark photoperiod conditions and using medium E6 in accessions of common eggplant IVIA371, BB, and MM1597 and INS1. Three experimental sessions with three replicates for each combination of factors and five explants per Petri dish were used

From: A highly efficient organogenesis protocol based on zeatin riboside for in vitro regeneration of eggplant

IVIA3716.8 b770–121.8 b220–20.1 b000–1
BB6.7 b632–131.9 b221–20.1 b000–1
MM15973.1 a300–131.2 a120–20.1 b000–1
INS17.4 b7.551–131.8 b221–20 a000–0
IVIA3716.5 c760–161.5 a220–10.2 a000–2
BB1.8 a100–61.6 ab221–20.3 a000–3
MM15974.4 b460–111.5 a220–20.6 a000–2
INS15.8 bc5.590–151.7 b220–20.1 a000–1
  1. aFor each explant type (cotyledon or hypocotyl), medium means for each trait separated by different letters are significantly different at p < 0.05 according to the non-parametric pairwise Wilcoxon test