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Table 1 SUS genes associated with sink strength

From: The evolutionary history of the sucrose synthase gene family in higher plants

 SpeciesSUS geneLocusSubfamilyFunctional or phenotypic descriptionReference
MutantMaizeZmSus1 (L22296)GRMZM2G152908SUS IZmSus1 product is needed mainly for generating precursors for starch biosynthesis.Chourey et al.,1998
MaizeZmSus2 (X02400)GRMZM2G089713SUS IZmSus2 product performs a critical role in providing the substrate for cellulose biosynthesis.Chourey et al.,1998
BeaSus1(AJ012080) SUS IPea mutants (rug4) lacking an isoform (Sus1) very similar to SUS1 and SUS4 of Arabidopsis have reduced seed mass and starch content.Craig et al., 1999; Barratt et al., 2001
Antisense repressionPotatoStSus4 (M18745)PGSC0003DMG400002895SUS IAntisense inhibition of the main isoform SUS (Sus4) in potato tubers drastically reduces starch accumulation.Zrenner et al.,1995
TomatoSlSus1 (L19762)Solyc12g009300.1SUS IAntisense inhibition of tomato fruit SUS (SlSus1) decreases fruit setting and the sucrose unloading capacity of young fruit.D’Aoust et al., 1999
CottonGhSus1 (U73588)Gohir.A05G036000SUS ISuppression of SUS gene expression represses cotton fiber cell initiation, elongation, and seed development.Ruan et al., 2003
CarotaSUS gene (X75332)DCAR_028527SUS IAntisense repression of SUS affects the size of carrot plants and the biosynthesis of cellulose and starch.Tang et al., 1999
OverexpressionPotatoStSus4 (M18745), potatoPGSC0003DMG400002895SUS IEnhancing SUS activity in potato tubers results in increased levels of starch, ADP-glucose and UDP-glucose and total yield.Baroja-Fernández et al., 2009
MaizeStSus4 (M18745), potatoPGSC0003DMG400002895SUS IEnhancing SUS activity results in increased levels of starch and ADP-glucose in maize seed endosperms.Li et al., 2013
CottonStSus4 (M18745), potatoPGSC0003DMG400002895SUS IOverexpression of a potato SUS gene in cotton accelerates leaf expansion, reduces seed abortion, and enhances fiber production.Xu et al., 2012
PoplarGhSus1 (U73588), cottonGohir.A05G036000SUS ISUS affects carbon partitioning to increase cellulose production.Coleman et al., 2009
CottonGhSusA1(HQ702185), cottonGohir.D08G139000SUS IIOverexpression of GhSusA1 increases plant biomass and improves cotton fiber yield and quality.Jiang et al., 2012