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Table 1 The cultivars used in this study and their morphological traits

From: Metabolite profile comparison of a graft chimera ‘Hongrou Huyou’ (Citrus changshan-huyou + Citrus unshiu) and its two donor plants

No.CultivarsScientific nameAbbreviationPeel colorJuice sac color
1‘Owari’ satsuma mandarinC. unshiuOOrangeDark orange
2‘Hongrou Huyou’C. unshiu + C. changshan-huyouOCCYellowDark orange
3‘Changshan Huyou’C. changshan-huyouCYellowLight yellow
  1. Note: Peel color and juice sac color were taken in fully mature period (collection period December 2017), see Fig. 1 for details