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Fig. 1

From: The pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa promotes differential proteomic modulation of cacao genotypes with contrasting resistance to witches´ broom disease

Fig. 1

T. cacao seedlings inoculated and non-inoculated with M. perniciosa and protein yield. a Theobroma cacao seedlings of Catongo (left) and TSH1188 (right), inoculated and non-inoculated with basidiospores of Moniliophthora. perniciosa at 72HAI (hours after inoculation) and 45DAI (days after inoculation). Typical symptoms of WBD (stem swellings), characteristic of fungal biotrophic phase was observed in both genotypes at 45DAI. b Protein total yield from 0.2 g of plant tissue of Catongo and TSH1188 genotype, inoculated (72HAI and 45DAI) and non-inoculated (72HNI and 45DNI) with basidiospores of M. perniciosa

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