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Table 3 Relative quantitative of target peptide segment by PRM analysis

From: Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis reveals mechanisms of low pollen-pistil compatibility during water lily cross breeding

Protein NameRatio 2 HAP/0 HAPRatio 6 HAP/0 HAPRatio 6 HAP/2 HAPTTEST 2 HAP/0 HAPTTEST 6 HAP/0 HAPTTEST6 HAP/2 HAP
TRINITY DN44636 c2 g12.563.381.320.048140.001360.24484
TRINITY DN50288 c0 g23.334.191.260.040130.003530.38647
TRINITY DN35350 c0 g15.065.981.180.007340.001050.40440
TRINITY DN53782 c2 g13.034.011.320.006350.001370.13851