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Table 1 DEGs exclusively regulated by MT (100 μM) as compared to control

From: Direct comparison of Arabidopsis gene expression reveals different responses to melatonin versus auxin

Gene IDAnnotationMT (100 μM)
FDRaLog2 (Fold Change)
Defensins (5)
AT3G59930Defensin-like (DEFL) family protein6.0E-044.92
AT5G33355Defensin-like (DEFL) family protein6.0E-044.92
AT1G34047Defensin-like (DEFL) family protein7.7E-034.88
AT2G26010Plant defensin PDF1.31.2E-024.62
AT2G26020Plant defensin PDF1.2b2.7E-024.33
Transcription factors (5)
AT2G47950Myelin-transcription factor like protein1.7E-024.11
AT1G06160Ethylene responsive factor AP2/ERF597.7E-032.47
AT3G51910Heat shock transcription factor HSFA7A2.4E-021.52
AT5G07100WRKY DNA binding protein WRKY262.5E-031.23
AT5G17300Myb-like transcription factor RVE13.3E-02−1.42
Photosynthesis (7)
ATCG00330Chloroplast ribosomal protein RPS145.9E-06−1.55
ATCG00020Photosystem II reaction center A PSBA1.9E-03−1.49
ATCG00350Photosystem I, PsaA/PsaB8.9E-10−1.47
ATCG00280Photosystem II reaction center C, PSBC1.9E-04−1.43
ATCG00340Photosystem I, PsaA/PsaB1.8E-13−1.41
ATCG00270Photosystem II reaction center D PSBD1.1E-03−1.40
ATCG00490Ribulose-biphosphate carboxylases RBCL3.8E-08−1.25
Post-translational protein modification (3)
AT3G13310Chaperone DnaJ-domain superfamily DJC666.3E-853.80
AT2G15310ADP-ribosylation factor ARFB1A5.5E-072.02
AT5G10770Eukaryotic aspartyl protease family protein1.9E-021.26
Response to iron ion and indole glucosinolate metabolic process (1)
AT4G31940Cytochrome P450 CYP82C47.7E-034.46
Systemic acquired resistance (1)
AT1G75040Pathogenesis-related gene 5, PR51.3E-033.69
Response to abscisic acid (1)
AT5G27420Carbon/nitrogen insensitive ubiquitin ligase CNI12.9E-022.22
Auxin response, polar transport and activated-signaling (1)
AT1G29460SAUR-like auxin responsive SAUR654.3E-02−1.26
Miscellaneous (4)
AT1G10140Uncharacterized conserved protein9.2E-031.50
AT1G78450SOUL-heme binding protein5.9E-041.43
AT2G40095Alpha/beta hydrolase related protein4.2E-021.36
AT2G07706Hypothetical protein9.2E-05−1.53
  1. aFDR False Discovery Rate