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Table 1 Differentially expressed genes between genotypes, between the two parents (Wuhan 1 and Nyubai) at 2 dpi, between two groups of DH lines (low and high infection levels) and associated with cis eQTL. gene_id, IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 gene ID; chr, chromosome; description, IWGSC RefSeq v1.0 gene annotation; WH, mean of normalized counts in Wuhan 1 at 2 dpi; NB, mean of normalized counts in Nyubai at 2 dpi; AA, mean of normalized counts for DH lines with genotype AA in the given QTL region; BB, mean of normalized counts for lines with genotype BB in the given QTL region; LF, mean of normalized counts for DH lines with lower levels of F. graminearum and DON; HF, mean of normalized counts for DH lines with higher levels of F. graminearum and DON; pos, position of cis-eQTL peak; LOD, LOD score for the cis eQTL peak

From: Characterization of QTL and eQTL controlling early Fusarium graminearum infection and deoxynivalenol levels in a Wuhan 1 x Nyubai doubled haploid wheat population

TraesCS1A01G4260001ANBS-LRR disease resistance protein89.450.0072.010.4353.720.33151.6645.25
TraesCS1A01G4265001AAgenet and BAH domain-containing protein159.717.25145.0419.49121.2622.28151.6627.07
TraesCS1A01G4301001AATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH29.94154.7938.29206.0824.95310.49155.7021.68
TraesCS1A01G4302001AATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH19.82691.1061.90933.2686.321425.46155.7031.77
TraesCS1A01G4329001ANa-translocating NADH-quinone reductase74.100.0064.930.0256.110.00154.6751.06
TraesCS1A01G4330001ARNA binding protein1371.50185.31548.65132.63568.4599.46154.6731.19
TraesCS1A01G4390001A3-ketoacyl-CoA synthase14.890.0018.980.007.210.00159.7941.66
TraesCS1A01G4391001Apiezo-type mechanosensitive ion channel75.900.3359.400.0325.040.00159.7951.35
TraesCS4B01G0169004BRetrovirus-related Pol polyprotein17.6897.271.37102.460.69239.3522.1528.33
TraesCS4B01G0224004BDUF21 domain-containing protein72.8325.8557.4822.6255.0518.1723.1524.75
TraesCS4B01G0246004BLeucine-rich repeat protein kinase19.070.5517.202.2523.162.3130.7123.16
TraesCS5A01G1147005ANAD-dependent protein deacylase10.8764.9314.2978.5077.8721.6750.3835.88