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Table 3 Candidate hub-interacted uni-genes responsive to desiccation in the UPP and PI signal sub-network

From: PI signal transduction and ubiquitination respond to dehydration stress in the red seaweed Gloiopeltis furcata under successive tidal cycles

GenesNetworkDescriptionKEGG pathway
Genes participate in genetic information processing
 Gf06149CNExosome component 4-like Rrp41-likeko03018//RNA degradation
 Gf03506CNTranscription factor TFIID sub-unit D2ko03022//Basal transcription factors
 Gf32444CNDEAH-box RNA helicase
 Gf26104UPPTranscription factor TFIID sub-unit 6ko03022//Basal transcription factors
 Gf30426UPPNuclear cap-binding protein sub-unit 2ko03040//Spliceosome;
ko03013//RNA transport
 Gf31441UPPZinc-finger domain containing protein
 Gf17133UPPTranscription factor TFIIE (by KO-ID)ko03022//Basal transcription factors
Genes related to osmotic regulate
 Gf12536CNBeta amylase, Bam1ko00500//Starch and sucrose metabolism
 Gf24243CNKin (ABC1)
 Gf25392PIMajor intrinsic protein
  1. CN was the abbreviation of common hub-interacted uni-genes in two sub-networks