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Table 1 The Arachis species that have been analyzed in the present study

From: Twelve complete chloroplast genomes of wild peanuts: great genetic resources and a better understanding of Arachis phylogeny

SpeciesGenome typeLife History StrategyPloidyCollection site
Sect. Arachis
 Domesticated peanut varieties
  A. hypogaea var. hypogaeaAABBAnnual/biennial4xShandong Peanut Research Institute, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Qingdao, China (SPRI-SAAS)
  A. hypogaea var. hirsutaAABBAnnual/biennial4xSPRI-SAAS
  A. hypogaea var. fastigiataAABBAnnual/biennial4xSPRI-SAAS
  A. hypogaea var. vulgarisAABBAnnual/biennial4xSPRI-SAAS
 Wild allotetraploid species
  A. monticolaAABBAnnual/biennial4xNanning Branch of National Field Genbank for Arachis species, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanning, China (NB-NFGAS- GAAS)
 Wild diploid species
  A. batizocoiKKAnnual/biennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. cardenasiiAAPerennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. chacoensis/A. diogoiAAPerennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. correntinaAAPerennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. duranensisAAAnnual/biennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. helodesAAPerennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. hoehneiAAAnnual/biennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. stenospermaAAAnnual/biennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. villosaAAPerennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  A. ipaënsisBBAnnual/biennial2x*
Sect. Erectoides
A. paraguariensisEEPerennial2xNB-NFGAS- GAAS
  1. * The cp genome sequence data for A. ipaënsis were downloaded from the NCBI SRA database