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Table 1 Analysis of lignin monolignols and interunit linkage in OXPdWND3A transgenic plants. Structural information of lignin was obtained by 2D 1H-13C HSQC NMR analysis. The contents of monolignols (S and G), PB (p-hydroxybenzoate), and lignin interunit linkage [β-aryl ether (β-O-4), phenylcoumaran (β-5), and resinol (β-β)] were calculated as a fraction of total lignin subunits (S + G). Two biological replicates of stem tissues were used for the analysis. The number in parenthesis displayed standard deviation

From: PdWND3A, a wood-associated NAC domain-containing protein, affects lignin biosynthesis and composition in Populus

Lignin subunits
 S56 (0.81)61 (3.89)*67 (1.12)*
 G44 (0.81)39 (2.89)*33 (1.12)*
 PB7 (0.45)10 (0.21)2 (0.59)
Lignin interunit linkages
 β-O-454 (2.19)58 (3.74)59 (4.39)
 β-52 (0.78)4 (1.39)2 (1.45)
 β-β2 (0.83)4 (0.46)*6 (0.5)*
  1. *Statistical significance against WV94 (p < 0.05)