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Table 1 Fitting parameters of Logistic equation for tree height and comparison of growth parameters at rapid stage in two-year-old WT, OE2 and br.

From: Characterization and T-DNA insertion sites identification of a multiple-branches mutant br in Betula platyphylla × Betula pendula

LineR2Height at the beginning of tree growth a (cm)Height at the end of tree growth b (cm)The beginning of rapid stage t1 (d)The end of rapid stage t2 (d)Duration of rapid stage RR (d)The day of maximum growth rate at rapid stage t0 (d)The maximum growth rate at rapid stage(cm/d)Parameters of rapid stage
GR (cm)GD (cm/d)RRA (%)
WT0.998733.86(a)174.82(a)38(b)89(c)51(c)65(c)1.91 (a)84.74(a)1.66(a)54.62(a)
OE20.997736.95(a)162.93(a)43(a)98(b)55(b)71(b)1.65 (b)78.82(b)1.43(b)55.56(a)
  1. Different letters indicate significant differences between WT, OE2 and br in Duncan-test (P < 0.05)