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Table 1 Measured ODAP contents in % w/w in drilled individual seeds of grass pea, along with literature values. Literature values were obtained by triplicate measurements of milled bulked seed samples and thus do not reflect biological variation between individual seeds

From: Linking a rapid throughput plate-assay with high-sensitivity stable-isotope label LCMS quantification permits the identification and characterisation of low β-L-ODAP grass pea lines

GenotypeLCMSstd. errorRaostd. errorLiterature valuestd. errorReference
LSWT110.416± 0.0210.374± 0.041n/an/an/a
LS0070.261± 0.0270.197± 0.016n/an/an/a
Nirmal0.309± 0.0170.285± 0.0290.098± 0.003[39]
LS82460.052± 0.0160.036± 0.0120.033± 0.004[40]
Mahateora0.030± 0.0010.039± 0.0010.046± 0.001[39]
Ceora0.029± 0.0040.027± 0.0040.065± 0.025[21]
P-240.077± 0.0020.070± 0.0020.053± 0.001[39]