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Table 1 Expression levels obtained by qRT-PCR of OsICL in 10-day-old transgenic Arabidopsis seedlings

From: Isocitrate lyase plays important roles in plant salt tolerance

Lines 2-(∆CT) ± SD
Control 120 mM NaCl
wild type ND ND
Aticl mutant ND ND
3FL9 0.0247 ± 0.0040a 0.0077 ± 0.0030a
OXOsICL/icl 0.1251 ± 0.0391a 0.0745 ± 0.0194a
OXOsICL/WT 3.6645 ± 0.6099b 5.2608 ± 0.9758c
  1. One-way ANOVA with Duncan multiple range test was used for the data analysis
  2. Data are shown as the mean ± 1 SD, and different lowercase letters indicate significant difference among plant lines under both control and stress conditions (p < 0.05)
  3. ND, no OsICL expression was detected