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Table 4 Parental lines of the MAGIC population

From: Mapping of resistance to corn borers in a MAGIC population of maize

Lines Grain color Pedigree Type of grain
EP17a Yellow A1267 (Unknown location)e Flint
EP43a Yellow Parderrubias (Atlantic Spain)e Flint
EP53a Yellow Laro (Atlantic Spain)e Flint
EP86a Yellow Nostrano dell’Isola (Italy)e Flint
PB130b Yellow Rojo Vinoso de Aragón (Mediterranean Spain)e Flint
F473c White Doré de Gomer (France)e Flint
EP125a Yellow Selection from CO125 Corn Belt
A509d Yellow A78 × A109 Corn Belt
  1. aFrom Misión Biológica de Galicia (Spain)
  2. bFrom Estacão Agraria de Braga (Portugal)
  3. cFrom Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France)
  4. dFrom University of Minnesota (USA)
  5. eEuropean landrace