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Table 2 Results of mean regression between plant traits in saline conditions and SWP index

From: Quantile function modeling with application to salinity tolerance analysis of plant data

Traits in saline conditionsCoefficient valueStandard errorp-value
Plant height (cm)0.0146690.0092620.114
Flowering time (days)-0.0502270.0127059.12e-05
Ripening period (days)-0.0652540.1009450.518
Ear number per plant0.5888000.1277255.44e-06
Grain number per ear0.2913590.0314242e-16
  1. The three columns represent the estimated coefficient value, standard error and the p-value for the respective covariate in the model with SWP as the response, obtained by fitting a multiple mean regression model with sample size 404. The significant p-values are marked with a ‘*’, for a significance level of 0.05