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Table 1 Selected TILLING mutations in NAM-A1

From: Conserved residues in the wheat (Triticum aestivum) NAM-A1 NAC domain are required for protein binding and when mutated lead to delayed peduncle and flag leaf senescence

Line SNP RefSeqv1 chr6 (bp) Consequence Sub domain Mutation SIFT Region [20] Consequence in ANAC019
Kronos3661 C/T 77,100,016 Missense i P38S 0 Dimerisation
Kronos2615 G/A 77,100,006 Missense i R41Q 0 Dimerisation Protein Binding [24]
Kronos2734 C/T 77,099,994 Missense i T45 M 0 Dimerisation
Kronos2711 C/T 77,099,581 Missense iii R110W 0 DNA interface DNA Binding [21, 24]
Kronos2551 G/A 77,099,511 Missense C133Y 0.78  
Kronos2060 C/T 77,099,448 Missense iv P154L 0 DNA interface
Kronos3186 G/A 77,099,450 Synonymous iv P153P NA  
Kronos1107 G/A 77,099,212 Splice Acceptor Variant v SAV NA DNA interface