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Fig. 6

From: Genome-wide identification, structure characterization, and expression pattern profiling of aquaporin gene family in cucumber

Fig. 6

Predicted 3D models of cucumber aquaporin proteins. Models were generated by using Phyre2 server. Models were visualized by rainbow color from N to C terminus. Two templates, c2w2eA and d1j4na from structures of Yeast aquaporin were used in the modelling of CsPIP sub-family. Among them, template d1j4na were used in CsPIP1;5, CsPIP2;5, and CsPIP2;6b modelling; the rest of the members were modelling with template c2w2eA (from Yeast). In the CsTIP sub-family, template c5i32A (from Arabidopsis thaliana) were used in CsTIP1;1, CsTIP1;3, CsTIP2;1; CsTIP2;2, CsTIP3;1, and CsTIP4;1 modelling; template c2w2eA (from Yeast) was used in CsTIP1;2 modelling; template d1j4na was used in CsTIP5;1 modelling. Template c2w2eA (from Yeast) were used in CsNIP sub-family members modelling. Template d1j4na was used in CsSIP1;1 modelling; template c2w2eA (from Yeast) was used in CsSIP2;1 modelling. And template c5i32A (from Arabidopsis thaliana) was used in CsXIP1;1 modelling

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