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Table 8 Potential candidate genes identified through BLASTn searchin M. truncatula pseudomolecule using tag sequences of SNPs in the regions spanned by QTL for TOF, SY, and CSB mapped on linkage maps of two alfalfa parents 3010 and CW1010

From: QTL mapping of flowering time and biomass yield in tetraploid alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Parent QTL Code Markers Potential Candidate Genes Related Proteins % Identity E-value M. truncatula Gene
3010 Tof-d1 TP66486 Myosin motor domain protein and Dil domain protein 98.36 4e-23 Medtr1g070400
3010 Tof-d2 TP60376 P-loop nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase superfamily protein 98.44 9e-25 Medtr1g075200
3010 Tof-d5 TP34483 Pre-mRNA splicing factor-like protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr7g068630
3010 Tof-d6 TP36877 Chitinase 100.00 2e-26 Medtr1g099320
3010 Tof-d7 TP60221 Hypothetical protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr8g064300
3010 Tof-d8 TP28256 U6 snRNA-associated-like-Smprotein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr8g058537
3010 Tof-d8 TP80202 Translational activator GCN1-like protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr7g116425
3010 Tof-d9 TP3421 bZIP transcription factor 100.00 2e-26 Medtr7g088090
3010 Tof-d9 TP9376 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor SLU7-like protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr7g096940
3010 Tof-d10 TP35274 Carbohydrate-binding X8 domain protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr1g084820
3010 Tof-d10 TP995 Importin-like protein 96.43 1e-18 Medtr7g021500
3010 Tof-d11 TP23433 Exocyst complex component sec15B 98.44 9e-25 Medtr1g050505
3010 Tof-d12 TP53864 RNA-binding (RRM/RBD/RNP motif) family protein 95.3 2e-21 Medtr3g027140
3010 SY-d1 TP2592 LOB domain protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr3g452660
3010 SY-d2 TP83334 Nudix hydrolase-like protein 98.44 9e-25 Medtr3g437740
3010 SY-d4 TP51377 RS2-interacting KH protein, putative 100.00 2e-26 Medtr7g013700
3010 SY-d4 TP47813 Peptide/nitrate transporter 98.44 9e-25 Medtr7g010820
3010 SY-d6 TP66942 Transcription factor 95.31 7e-21 Medtr7g092510
3010 SY-d7 TP14368 RING/U-box protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr7g056183
3010 SY-d8 TP46942 Succinyl-CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit beta 100.00 2e-26 Medtr1g069645
3010 SY-d9 TP6511 Plastid transcriptionally active protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr1g079525
3010 SY-d9 TP34670 Alpha/beta hydrolase family protein 96.72 2e-21 Medtr1g088470
3010 SY-d10 TP89308 Lon protease S16 carboxy-terminal proteolytic domain protein 95.24 7e-21 Medtr1g083990
3010 CSB-d2 TP32956 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase-like protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr4g099390
3010 CSB-d2 TP83938 Phosphatase 2C family protein 98.39 1e-23 Medtr4g118340
3010 CSB-d3 TP27142 C2H2-type zinc finger protein, putative 96.88 4e-23 Medtr4g057230
CW 1010 Tof-n1 TP628 Aluminum activated malate transporter family protein 100 2e-26 Medtr5g014310
CW 1010 Tof-n1 TP47971 F-box/RNI/FBD-like domain protein 100 2e-26 Medtr5g012840
CW 1010 Tof-n5 TP24444 Cytochrome P450 family protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr1g116890
CW 1010 Tof-n5 TP64001 Granule bound starch synthase 98.39 1e-23 Medtr6g012380
CW 1010 Tof-n5 TP32647 Pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat protein 95.31 2e-21 Medtr6g022140
CW 1010 Tof-n6 TP45002 Group 1 family glycosyltransferase 100.00 2e-26 Medtr7g067340
CW 1010 Tof-n7 TP54614 Pre-mRNA splicing factor-like protein 98.44 9e-25 Medtr7g068630
CW 1010 Tof-n8 TP14107 Det1 complexing ubiquitin ligase 95.31 2e-21 Medtr7g091260
CW 1010 Tof-n11 TP25170 Polyol/monosaccharide transporter 1 100.00 2e-26 Medtr4g090600a
CW 1010 SY-n1 TP11255 CCCH-type zinc finger protein, putative 98.44 9e-25 Medtr3g464260
CW 1010 SY-n2 TP41903 Armadillo repeat only protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr4g073830
CW 1010 SY-n3 TP25170 Polyol/monosaccharide transporter 1 100.00 2e-26 Medtr4g090600a
CW 1010 SY-n3 TP86491 Pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr8g106950
CW 1010 SY-n4 TP27703 ATP-dependent helicase BRM 100.00 2e-26 Medtr8g030550
CW 1010 SY-n5 TP77807 Trafficking protein particle complex subunit-like protein 100.00 2e-26 Medtr8g027700
CW 1010 SY-n7 TP50516 Pyruvate decarboxylase 95.31 7e-21 Medtr7g069500
CW 1010 SY-n7 TP13897 ARM repeat protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr7g075940
CW 1010 CSB-n1 TP10914 XS domain protein 98.44 9e-25 Medtr1g492940
CW 1010 CSB-n1 TP11572 Octicosapeptide/phox/Bem1p family protein 98.44 9e-25 Medtr1g109470
CW 1010 CSB-n1 TP42278 Hypothetical protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr1g079830
CW 1010 CSB-n2 TP70955 60 kDa inner membrane protein 98.44 9e-25 Medtr4g107330
CW 1010 CSB-n3 TP26255 Endoribonuclease E-like protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr5g030900
CW 1010 CSB-n3 TP18857 Homeobox domain protein 96.88 4e-23 Medtr2g014490
  1. The Tof-n11 is a flowering QTL and SY-n3 is a QTL for summer yield identified for the same CW 1010 parent
  2. TOF, SY, and CSB refer to the timing of flowering, spring yield, and cumulative summer biomass, respectively
  3. a potential candidate genes identified for corresponding SNP sequences of both QTL (Tof-n11 and SY-n3)