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Table 2 Least square (LS) means for F1 and the parents for the timing of flowering (TOF), the spring yield (SY) and the cumulative summer biomass (CSB)

From: QTL mapping of flowering time and biomass yield in tetraploid alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Trait Environment F1a 3010b CW 1010b
TOF015 JPC 112–130 117 119
TOF017 JPC 85–110 101 102
TOF015 BVL 146–163 149 151
TOF017 BVL 118–136 118 121
SY017 JPC 0.33–1.9 0.64 1.05
CSB JPC 0.11–1.48 0.347 0.34
SY018 JPC 0.10–1.35 0.83 0.86
SY017 BVL 0.25–2.05 1.08 0.7
CSB BVL 0.05–0.75 0.37 0.25
  1. The units for TOF, SY, and CSB are in Julian days, Kg plant−1, and Kg plant−1, respectively
  2. The LS means are presented as the range for F1 and as absolute means for the parents (3010 and CW 1010). The CSB is the cumulative summer biomass yield harvested in 3 subsequent cuts
  3. aRange of LS means of trait in F1 progeny; bParental mean for traits under given environment and year. The two locations included the J. Phil Campbell Sr. Research and Education Center (JPC) in Watkinsville and the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center (BVL) in Blairsville