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Table 1 Significant GO terms enriched DEGs of cold tolerant variety (CTV) on the basis of FDR corrected p-value of three different functional categories

From: Genes, pathways and transcription factors involved in seedling stage chilling stress tolerance in indica rice through RNA-Seq analysis

GO term Category Description p-value
Early response Late response 24 h recovery
GO:0050896 Biological process Response to stimulus 1.50E-012 4.10E-006 4.30E-011
GO:0009719 Biological process Response to endogenous stimulus 5.50E-011 6.30E-005 7.00E-005
GO:0006950 Biological process Response to stress 4.30E-010 2.60E-005 7.70E-009
GO:0019748 Biological process Secondary metabolic process 4.30E-008 NE* 9.20E-005
GO:0009607 Biological process Response to biotic stimulus 3.10E-007 4.80E-005 6.10E-007
GO:0009628 Biological process Response to abiotic stimulus 3.20E-006 0.00016 2.20E-007
GO:0007165 Biological process Signal transduction 0.0002 NE* NE*
GO:0050794 Biological process Regulation of cellular process 0.0002 NE* NE*
GO:0065007 Biological process Biological regulation 0.00034 NE* NE*
GO:0009875 Biological process Pollen-pistil interaction 0.00086 NE* NE*
GO:0050789 Biological process Regulation of biological process 0.0035 NE* NE*
GO:0015979 Biological process Photosynthesis NE* 3.3E-015 NE*
GO:0006091 Biological process Generation of precursor metabolites and energy NE* 1.70E-007 NE*
GO:0006629 Biological process Lipid metabolic process NE* NE* 0.00044
GO:0005975 Biological process Carbohydrate metabolic process NE* NE* 0.00047
GO:0019825 Molecular function Oxygen binding 2.10E-007 9.60E-006 8.90E-011
GO:0030246 Molecular function Carbohydrate binding 2.60E-005 NE* NE*
GO:0016740 Molecular function Transferase activity 0.00026 NE* NE*
GO:0003700 Molecular function Transcription factor activity 0.0003 0.0012 3.00E-005
GO:0016301 Molecular function Kinase activity 0.00083 NE* NE*
GO:0016772 Molecular function Transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups 0.00083 NE* NE*
GO:0003824 Molecular function Catalytic activity 0.006 NE* 0.00017
GO:0005215 Molecular function Transporter activity NE* NE* 0.0035
GO:0016787 Molecular function Hydrolase activity NE* NE* 0.00082
GO:0009579 Cellular component Thylakoid NE* 3.60E-012 NE*
GO:0030312 Cellular component External encapsulating structure NE* NE* 0.0018
GO:0005618 Cellular component Cell wall NE* NE* 0.0014
GO:0005576 Cellular component Extracellular region NE* NE* 0.0037
  1. NE* denotes significantly not enriched genes