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Table 3 Genetic differentiation of inferred populations of tea plants in Guizhou Plateau

From: Genetic diversity, linkage disequilibrium, and population structure analysis of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) from an origin center, Guizhou plateau, using genome-wide SNPs developed by genotyping-by-sequencing

Group S PLL GD Ho PIC Fis
GP01 52 0.213b 0.129c 0.128c 0.106c 0.017(p = 0.000)
GP02 100 0.286a 0.248a 0.276a 0.208a −0.107(p = 0.000)
GP03 263 0.298a 0.254a 0.259b 0.210a −0.446(p = 0.000)
GP03–1 198 0.298a 0.253a 0.260b 0.209a −0.026(p = 0.000)
GP03–2 65 0.297a 0.236b 0.256b 0.194b −0.078(p = 0.001)
  1. S Sample size, PLL The percentage of polymorphic loci, GD Genetic diversity, Ho Observed heterozygosity, PIC Polymorphism information content, Fis Inbreeding coefficient, p-value, the statistical significance of the Fis is compared to zero. The different letters indicate a significant difference in a column at p = 0.05 levels by T-test