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Table 1 Effects of different tillage on soil organic matter content and microorganism community quantity in late season

From: Different tillage induces regulation in 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline biosynthesis in direct-seeded fragrant rice

Soil depth (cm) Treatment Organic matter content (g Kg− 1) Bacteria (105 CFU g− 1) Fungi (103 CFU g− 1) Actinomycetes (104 CFU g− 1)
0–10 CK 19.654c 2.165b 1.014c 1.802b
PT 26.729b 2.179b 2.653b 2.064a
NT 29.583a 2.298a 2.916a 2.087a
10–20 CK 15.599c 1.182b 0.808b 1.028c
PT 23.246b 1.249a 0.783b 3.098b
NT 25.942a 1.266a 0.815a 3.266a
20–30 CK 11.858c 0.763c 0.364c 0.872c
PT 16.727b 1.211b 2.460b 1.615b
NT 17.311b 1.312a 2.692a 1.718a
  1. Values sharing a common letter within a column don’t differ significantly at (P ≤ 0.05) according to least significant difference (LSD) test