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Table 4 Dry biomasses of leaves and roots (g plant−1) and Na+ content (mg g−1 DW) in hot pepper leaves measured at the end of the experiment subjected to varying levels of irrigation water salinity (ECiw, dS m− 1) and two leaching fractions (LF). Mean values were calculated from four replications

From: An investigation on possible effect of leaching fractions physiological responses of hot pepper plants to irrigation water salinity

Factors Dry biomass of leaves Dry biomass of roots Na+ content
 0.9 14.3a 5.5a 2.73c
 4.7 9.8b 3.4b 8.53b
 7.0 7.0c 2.5c 12.60a
 0.17 9.6b 3.6 8.51a
 0.29 11.1a 4.1 7.39b
 LF * NS *
 ECiw *** *** ***
 LF × ECiw NS ** NS
  1. *, ** and *** represent significant differences between means at 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001 level of probability, respectively; NS, no significant. Different letters within a column indicate significant difference at P < 0.05 by Duncan’s multiple range tests