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Table 1 Electrophysiological characterisation of OsHKT2;2 and its mutants. The presence of three current characteristics are specified according to their degree of occurrence: very strong (+++), medium (++) or weak (+)

From: An extracellular cation coordination site influences ion conduction of OsHKT2;2

  Functionality Currents enhance at rising Na+ concentration (Na03K0 vs. Na30K0) Current increase with 1 mM K+ Lack of current enhancement at rising K+ concentration (Na30K0 vs. Na30K30)
wt   +++ +++ +++
P71A like wt +++ +++ +++
D75A comparable to wt ++ +++ +++
D75N comparable to wt +++ +++ ++
D501A comparable to wt ++ +++ +++
D501N comparable to wt ++ +++ ++
K504R altered kinetics + +++ +
K504Q altered kinetics + +++ +
K504A no conductiona    
K504E no conduction    
  1. aIn some oocytes, very small currents could be detected 2–3 days after RNA injection. This mutant might function in a very inefficient manner so that currents accumulate to a measurable current only after long expression times. After two days of expression though, no currents comparable to wt or other mutants could be measured