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Fig. 3

From: Transcriptomic analysis reveals key factors in fruit ripening and rubbery texture caused by 1-MCP in papaya

Fig. 3

Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) involved in the fruit ripening process. a, Venn diagrams showing the overlap of the DEGs (| FC| ≥ 2) that were upregulated (UP) and downregulated (DW) in the papaya fruit at 1 and 6 days after treatment (DAT) compared to 0 DAT under the control condition. The arrow up and down directions indicated the number of the up- and downregulated genes. Software ( was used for the Venn diagram. b, c Histogram of GO term and KEGG pathway classification of DEGs in the control condition. b, Most enriched pathways identified with KEGG Orthology-Based Annotation System (KOBAS) 2.0 in papaya fruit after they were harvested at 1 d and 6 d compared to 0DPT. c, Top 20 GO terms identified from sample under control condition in 1 DAT vs 0 DAT and 6 DATvs 0 DAT

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