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Fig. 1

From: In planta high levels of hydrolysable tannins inhibit peroxidase mediated anthocyanin degradation and maintain abaxially red leaves of Excoecaria Cochinchinensis

Fig. 1

Change in color and anthocyanin levels during leaf maturation of Excoecaria cochinchinensis and Osmanthus fragrans. A-B The images of the leaves of Excoecaria (A) and Osmanthus (B). Stage 1 to 3 indicates red young, greening, and mature leaves respectively for the two species. C-D Cross-sections of the leaf blades of Excoecaria (C) and Osmanthus (D) were observed for anthocyanins location. Scale bars indicate 50 μm. E Change in anthocyanin content during leaf maturation. F Change in chlorophyll content during leaf maturation. The values are means of the measurements of three individual extractions. Error bars indicate the standard error of mean (SEM) of the values. Different letters denote significant differences in the values according to unpaired t test (p < 0.05) while shared letters denote non-significant differences in the values

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