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Table 2 γ-irradiated Paragon lines and the inferred chromosome arms underlying the gliadin protein profile variations

From: Outlook for coeliac disease patients: towards bread wheat with hypoimmunogenic gluten by gene editing of α- and γ-gliadin gene families

  Altered protein profile
α γ ω
P3-75 6AS - -
P4-34 - 1BS -
P4-84 - 1BS 1BS
P4-86 - 1BS 1BS
P5-20 - 1AS 1AS
P5-53 - - 1BS
P6-02 - 1AS 1AS
P6-43 6DS 1AS -
P6-57 6AS - -
P6-59 6DS - -
P6-60 - - 1AS
P6-65 - - 1AS
P6-74 - - 1AS
P10-73 - 1AS 1AS
  1. Paragon γ-irradiated lines and the gliadin families in which altered protein profiles are seen on Acid-PAGE. The chromosome arms inferred to be altered by the γ-irradiation and to cause the protein profiling changes are indicated in the table. In total, four lines showed changes in the α-gliadins, seven lines had differences in the γ-gliadins and nine lines displayed variations in the ω-gliadins. P6–57 had large changes in α-gliadins from, most likely, 6AS.