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Table 1 Gene expression changes observed for the 18 functionally diverse random genes in heavy metal treated seedlings of rice cv. Matsumae (S0 generation)

From: Transgenerational memory of gene expression changes induced by heavy metal stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Gene name Genbank acc.a Chr.a Gene expression changes observed in heavy metal treated plants of S0 generationb
  Cu2+(1000 μm . L−1) Cd2+ (1000 μm . L−1) Cr3+ (1000 μm . L− 1) Hg2+ (50 μm . L− 1) Freq. (%)c
Transposable elements (TEs)
Tos17 AC087545(Tos17A) 10 U U U U 100
AP008213(Tos17B) 7 U U U U 100
Osr42 AF458768 4 U N U U 75
Low copy protein-coding genes
Homeobox gene AB007627 2 U U U U 100
DNA-binding protein X88798 5 U U U U 100
Elongation factor D12821 7 U U U U 100
HSP70 X67711 11 U U U U 100
SNF-FZ14 DQ239432 7 U U U U 100
S3 AY328087 12 N N N N 0
YF25 DQ239435 11 D D D D 100
Rice P1B subfamily of Heavy Metal-transporting P-type ATPases (HMAs)
OsHMA1 AP003935 6 N U N U 50
OsHMA2 AP004278 6 U N N N 25
OsHMA3 AP005246 7
OsHMA4 AP004184 2 N N N N 0
OsHMA5 AL606647 4 U U N U 75
OsHMA6 AP004836 2 U U U U 100
OsHMA7 AP004376 8 U U U U 100
OsHMA8 AC125472 3 N N U U 50
OsHMA9 AP008212 6 N U N U 50
  Totald (%)   72.2 72.2 66.7 83.3  
  1. Note: aDetermined by BlastN searches performed at NCBI
  2. bChanges in gene expression pattern were defined as: N = No change in gene expression; U = Significantly up-regulated expression; D = Significant down-regulated expression; and - = No expression
  3. CNumber of times a gene responded similarly to different heavy metal stresses; represented as percentage in the table
  4. d Number of times a heavy metal stress affected different genes in a similar fashion; represented as percentage in the table. For calculations the two copies of the Tos17 were treated separately