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Fig. 3

From: Conservation implications of asymmetric introgression and reproductive barriers in a rare primrose species

Fig. 3

Fruit set (a) and seed numbers per fruits (b) after artificial cross-pollination in 2015 (P. anisodora x P. poissonii) and 2016 (P. anisodora x hybrids &P. poissonii x hybrids). Experiments are separated by cross type involving the different combinations of flower morphs (pin, thrum). For intra-morph crosses, incompatibility effects of the hetorostyly-supergene can be expected. Con-specific crosses produced more fruits/seeds in inter-morph crosses, with thrum/pin having a more pronounced pattern than pin/thrum, while hybrid pollen produced similar amounts of fruit/seeds for both species. For hybrid mothers fruits were only produced from pollination by P. anisodora

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