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Fig. 2

From: Conservation implications of asymmetric introgression and reproductive barriers in a rare primrose species

Fig. 2

Transition percentages for three groups of pollinators: Bees (Anthophora sp.), Bumblebees and Butterflies (Aporia bieti) observed in bouts involving P. anisodora, P. poissonii and hybrids. Transition types were categorised as: conspecific (anisodora-anisodora, poissonii-poissonii, hybrid-hybrid), heterospecific (anisodora-poissonii, poissonii-anisodora), or hybrid (anisodora-hybrid, poissonii-hybrid, hybrid-anisodora, hybrid-poissonii). Most transitions were conspecific for all pollinator groups, and heterospecific transitions were relatively rare. Hybrids were much more often included in non-conspecific bouts than the respective other species, suggesting weakening of pollinator-mediated isolation when hybrids are present

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