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Fig. 8

From: A stress-responsive bZIP transcription factor OsbZIP62 improves drought and oxidative tolerance in rice

Fig. 8

OsbZIP62 interacts with SnRK2 protein kinases. a, Yeast two-hybrid assays of OsbZIP62 and SAPK members. SAPK1/SAPK2/SAPK3/SAPK6/SAPK9 were separately fused to the pGADT7 activation domain, which were then transformed into Y2H Gold cells via pGBKT7-OsbZIP62. CK+ and CK- indicate positive and negative controls, respectively. b-g, Confirmation of the in vivo interactions of OsbZIP62 with SAPK1/SAPK2/SAPK6 via Luciferase complementation imaging assays in tobacco leaves

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