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Fig. 7

From: A stress-responsive bZIP transcription factor OsbZIP62 improves drought and oxidative tolerance in rice

Fig. 7

Identification of DNA binding activity of OsbZIP62. a, Schematic structure of the yeast one-hybrid expression construct pGAD-OsbZIP62 and the reporter construct pHIS2.1-ZTP (OsbZIP62 putative target gene promoter). b, Growth performance of transformants on SD/−Leu−/Trp/−His medium containing 30 mM 3-AT. ZTP1-ZTP6 indicates the pGAD-OsbZIP62 plus pHIS2.1-cis (with the promoters of LOC_Os11g02350, LOC_Os02g56920, LOC_Os03g21560, LOC_Os07g01370, LOC_Os11g03300 and LOC_Os03g03370 in pHIS2.1, respectively). ck+: positive control, ck-: negative control (pGADT7-rec2-OsbZIP62 plus p53HIS2)

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