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Table 5 Summary of DEGs involved in phytohormone biosynthesis and signalling transduction, with the exception of auxin

From: A transcriptome analysis reveals a role for the indole GLS-linked auxin biosynthesis in secondary dormancy in rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Hormone Gene ID Arabidopsis orthologs Va vs Vb (log2FC) Va vs Ha (log2FC) Function description
ABA BnaA04g16900D CYP707A2 Down (−1.0) Down (−1.9) ABA degradation
BnaC06g38870D NCED9 Up (1.5) Up (1.2) ABA biosynthesis
BnaA02g05170D AAO1 Up (5.4) Up (4.1) ABA biosynthesis
GA BnaA09g01090D GA1 Down (−2.0) Down (−2.6) GA biosynthesis
BnaA10g17240D RGL3 Up (2.1) Up (3.2) GA negative regulator
BnaAnng08970D GASA1 Up (positive) Up (positive) GA response factor
ACC BnaC09g13570D
ACO2 Up (3.0/4.3) Up (2.0/4.0) Ethylene biosynthesis
BnaA01g24090D ETR2 Up (2.9) Up (2.4) Ethylene receptor
ERF1 Up (2.6/4.2) Up (2.5/2.6) Response to ethylene
ERF2 Up (2.3/2.4) Up (2.9/1.3) Response to ethylene
BR BnaC07g47240D BRI1 Up (2.4) Up (2.3) BR receptor
BnaA08g00410D BRL1 Up (2.9) Up (2.0) BRI1-like protein
BnaC08g43180D BSL2 Up (1.2) Up (2.2) BRI1 suppressor
BnaA09g51800D BSK3 Up (1.7) Up (2.1) BR signaling kinase 3
JA BnaC06g26670D LOX6 Up (1.8) Up (1.2) JA biosynthesis
BnaA03g56600D COI1 Up (1.4) Up (2.6) JA receptor
BnaA06g13250D JAZ1 Up (positive) Up (positive) JA signaling regulator
BnaA10g20060D JAZ10 Up (3.4) Up (positive) JA signaling regulator
BnaA05g18020D MYC2 Up (1.6) Up (1.6) JA signaling regulator
KAR BnaA03g53980D KAI2 Down (−1.7) Down (−2.5) KAR receptor
  1. ABA abscisic acid, GA gibberellic, ACC ethylene, BR brassinolide, JA methyl jasmonate, KAR karrikin