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Table 1 sRNA annotation classification statistics of samples

From: Identification of miRNAs and their target genes in Larix olgensis and verified of differential expression miRNAs

Sample Types rRNA scRNA snRNA snoRNA tRNA Repbase Unannotated Total
S01 2,991,972 0 1670 467 65,264 6421 12,229,003 15,294,797
S02 1,951,303 0 1059 322 35,933 4279 9,921,086 11,913,982
  1. Notes: rRNA Annotated ribosomal RNA reads, scRNA Annotated cytoplasmic small RNA reads, snRNA Annotated small RNA reads in the nucleus, snoRNA Annotated nucleolide small RNA reads, tRNA Annotated the transfer of RNA reads, Repbase Annotated repeat sequence reads, Unannotated Unannotated reads, they will be used for subsequent analysis, Total Filtered reads