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Table 3 The upregulated DEGs related to organic osmolytes synthesis in leaves of A. canescens under 100 mM NaCl for both 6 and 24 h

From: Identification of candidate genes related to salt tolerance of the secretohalophyte Atriplex canescens by transcriptomic analysis

Involved process Gene ID Homologous gene
Proline production Unigene27678_All Pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase P5CS
CL9819.Contig4_All Glutamate synthase GOGAT
Betaine synthesis CL8998.Contig2_All Betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase BADH
CL1302.Contig2_All Choline monooxygenase CMO
Sucrose accumulation CL879.Contig1_All Exocellular acid invertase INV
CL796.Contig1_All Sucrose synthase SuSy2
CL1644.Contig3_All Sucrose synthase SuSy7
CL9220.Contig3_All Sucrose-phosphate synthase SPS
Amylolysis CL2655.Contig3_All β-amylase AMS4
CL6110.Contig1_All β-amylase AMS7
Trehalose synthesis Unigene1043_All Trehalose-phosphate synthase TPS
Mannitol synthesis CL4146.Contig3_All Mannitol dehydrogenase MD
CL5740.Contig4_All Mannitol dehydrogenase MD