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Fig. 1

From: RNA-seq data reveals a coordinated regulation mechanism of multigenes involved in the high accumulation of palmitoleic acid and oil in sea buckthorn berry pulp

Fig. 1

Phenotypic observations and oil content in the developing berry pulp of the two sea buckthorn lines ‘Za56’ and ‘TF2–36’. a The developmental progress of fruits from lines ‘Za56’ and ‘TF2–36’ (S1–S4). S1, S2, S3 and S4 indicate the developmental stage of berry pulp collected on July 6, July 28, August 19 and September 10, respectively. b Oil content was measured at four developmental stages during pulp development in lines ‘Za56’ and ‘TF2–36’. * indicate significant differences of data between the two lines at the same developmental stage at the level of 0.05

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