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Fig. 4

From: The Solanum chacoense Fertilization-Related Kinase 3 (ScFRK3) is involved in male and female gametophyte development

Fig. 4

Ovule phenotyping in iFRK3 mutants. a. Percentage of normal embryo sacs, degenerated ES (dark gray) and ES arrested during mitosis stages (light gray) from anthesis flowers in WT and iFRK3 mutants. b-i. DIC images of developing ovules in WT and iFRK3–3 mutant plants. Ovule at the FG1 stage in WT (b) and iFRK3–3 mutant flowers (c). Ovule at first mitosis stage (FG2) in WT (d) and degenerating in iFRK3–3 mutant plants (e). Mature ovule in WT (F and H) and in iFRK3–3 mutant flowers (g and i). F and H are Z-stack of the same ovule. Abbreviations: ccn, central cell nucleus; ec, egg cell; fg, functional megaspore; n, nuclei; sy, synergids. Scale bars: 20 μm

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