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Fig. 3

From: The Solanum chacoense Fertilization-Related Kinase 3 (ScFRK3) is involved in male and female gametophyte development

Fig. 3

iFRK3 mutants produce smaller fruits and lesser seeds. a. RT-PCR analysis of ScFRK1–6 transcripts on anthers and ovules taken from 6 mm flower buds of WT and iFRK3 mutant plants. b. Fruits diameters from WT and iFRK3 mutant lines from 5 DAP to 25 DAP (maturity). Ten fruits per plant lines were used for student test. At 25 days, each ScFRK3 RNAi mutants showed a significaly different size (p < 0.001; student test) compare to the WT. c. Comparison of fruit morphology and seed number of control plants and iFRK3 mutant. D. Number of seeds per fruit in ScFRK3 RNAi mutants. Five fruits per plant lines were used for a: student test p < 0.02; b: student test p < 0.001

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