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Fig. 2

From: The Solanum chacoense Fertilization-Related Kinase 3 (ScFRK3) is involved in male and female gametophyte development

Fig. 2

ScFRK3 expression pattern in reproductive development. a. Semi-quantitative RT-PCRs on reproductive tissue using ScFRK3 specific primers. b-m. In situ localization of ScFRK3 transcripts using 50 ng of antisense probe in young flower bud (b), young stamen (d), pollen at tetrad stage (f) and young microspore stage (g), inside the ovary (i), in ovule before FM stage (k) and in ovule after the first mitosis (l). In situ hybridizations using 50 ng of sense probe in young flower bud (c), young stamen (e), young microspore (h), inside the ovary (j) and an ovule after the first mitosis (m). Scale bars: 200 μm (b-e, i and j) and 50 μm (f-h, k-m). Abbreviations: es, embryo sac; in, integument; ov, ovule; pl, placenta; po, pollen; sti, stigma; sty, style; ta, tapetum; nu, nucleus

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