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Table 1 Agrobacterium strains used in this study

From: Development of Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression system in Caragana intermedia and characterization of CiDREB1C in stress response

Strains Chromosomal background Resistance genea Ti plasmids Opines
AGL1 C58, RecA rif, carb pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) Succinamopine
EHA101 C58 rif, kan pEHA101 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) Nopaline
EHA105 C58 rif, pEHA105 (pTiBo542DT-DNA) Succinamopine
LBA4404 Ach5 rif, strep pAL4404 Octopine
GV3101 C58 rif, gent pMP90 (pTiC58DT-DNA) Nopaline
  1. aResistance genes used to select for chromosomal backgrounds and Ti plasmids. Rif, rifampicin resistance; carb, carbenicillin resistance; kan, kanamycin resistance; gent, gentamycin resistance; strep, streptomycin resistance