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Fig. 3

From: Mapping and identification of CsUp, a gene encoding an Auxilin-like protein, as a putative candidate gene for the upward-pedicel mutation (up) in cucumber

Fig. 3

Representation of the three putative genes between S-indel1–75 and S-indel1–70. a There were three putative genes (blue boxes) between S-SNP1–35 and S-SNP1–40. Gene numbers correspond to those in Table 2. b Structure of Csa1G535800. Boxes and lines indicate exons and introns, respectively. Two green boxes in Csa1G535800 indicate the 5′ UTR and the 3′ UTR. Sequencing results revealed that, compare to WT, up has a 5-bp deletion at 882–886 bp from the ATG start codon in the second exon of Csa1G535800. The yellow box shows the deletion sequence in up. c The position of the 5-bp deletion in the coding sequence. Sequencing results revealed that there was a 5-bp deletion at 491–495 bp from the ATG start codon that resulted in a premature stop codon at 612–614 bp in the mRNA

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